The Benefits Of Acceptance


Being able to accept yourself is becoming harder and harder these days especially amongst our youth! Kids are constantly comparing themselves against friends, family, celebrities and everyone in between. This leaves them feeling self-conscious rather than accepting themselves.

Self-acceptance is one of the most important assets a person can have, especially a child because they’ll carry it and everything that comes with it into adulthood. Self-acceptance is linked to confidence and self-esteem which greatly benefits a child in any situation. They are more aware of themselves and aren’t likely to be swayed by others judgements. By doing this, they are able to stay true to themselves.

The question remains: How can your child develop self-acceptance?

It’s simple: By accepting who they are, not who they think they’re supposed to be or who they’re told they should be.

Unconditional love fosters self-acceptance, by loving your child for who they are no matter what they do. Whether they perform badly on a test or do great it doesn’t matter, knowing they’ll still be loved makes them feel good enough and helps them accept themselves.

In addition to this children need to feel they’re making progress and your positive feedback for achieving something makes them feel good about themselves.

By accepting where you are now and letting go of excuses, you take control of where you go in the future rather than being held back by the past.

Acceptance is one of the foundations of friendship. Being able to accept each other and feel accepted is crucial to any relationship lasting long term.

Acceptance makes kids feel safe, comfortable and more willing to share about themselves. Good friends show a genuine interest in each other’s lives and don’t judge each other. An increase in self-confidence, self-worth and trust in a friendship stem from accepting each other.

Strong friendships are vital to your child’s growth and the people they surround themselves with significantly impact who they become. Acceptance in these friendships makes it possible for them to be themselves and not feel the need to be someone they aren’t.

Acceptance Builds Community

Self-acceptance can come from the acceptance of those around you and your community. If the people around you accept you for who you are, you’ll feel good enough and be more likely to accept yourself.

Accepting each other allows people to work together better and communicate effectively. Sharing common interests and goals often unites people.

A community that accepts each other boosts individuals sense of belonging and purpose. They support one another and help them no matter what they’re going through. 

Everyone Is Accepted By Jesus

Jesus accepts everyone for who they are no matter what they’ve done. Everyone makes mistakes in life and Jesus made it possible for them to be forgiven.

Jesus included others that everyone else excluded, setting the example for how to treat each other.

He didn’t judge others saying “for in the same way you judge others, you will be judged” Matthew (7:2). This fear of being judged comes from judging other people for doing what we want to do. This shows that if we want to feel accepted we should accept others for who they are.

Baptist Camping Victoria Provides An Accepting Community

Our camps provide an accepting environment, allowing your child to be who they are. We make sure everyone is included and each child feels a sense of belonging.

Our staff and volunteers do this by getting alongside the campers and ranchers, being respectful and sensitive, recognising that they come from all backgrounds and experiences. The purpose of our camps is pure and simple – to share the love of Jesus in all we do, through service, words, and actions.

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