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The Benefits Of Acceptance

Self-Acceptance Being able to accept yourself is becoming harder and harder these days especially amongst our youth! Kids are constantly comparing themselves against friends, family, celebrities and everyone in between. This leaves them feeling self-conscious rather than accepting themselves. Self-acceptance is one of the most important assets a person can have, especially a child because […]

Community : The Lifeblood of Your Spiritual Development

It’s no secret that a sense of belonging through Community is integral to living a happy, fulfilling and enjoyable life. Society is becoming increasingly fragmented and this means Australian’s are increasingly searching for a sense of Community and somewhere to belong. According to Psychology Today, belonging involves being accepted (Hall 2014). It is an innate […]

It’s Hard Being A Child Today

It’s easy to reflect on the ”good ol’ days” of childhood before bills, work and responsibilities took us by surprise. But, being a child in 2019 isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. (And the worst part: the ramifications are more troubling than you think). Technology changes Take a look at the day of a modern […]

The 3 Key Aspects Of A Successful School Camp

The 3 Key Aspects Of A Successful School Camp Want to have your class inspired, stimulated and enchanted on your next school camp? Be the Hero of your classroom and earn the appreciation you deserve. Use the 3 keys of a successful school camp and you’ll even have the most challenging kids in the school […]